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Healing Miracle Frequencies

Reclaim your peace of mind.

The #1 free healing music library, tuned to Solfeggio Frequencies, created by therapists.

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Enjoy peaceful days with our healing music playlists.

Healing Miracle Frequencies music is tuned to relief stress and heal your body effortlessly.

Transform your well-being and get better sleep with our tuned 432hz & 528hz playlists.

Get your sleep improved simply by listening to calm healing frequencies music.

97% of our listeners report reduced anxiety and positive emotions within the first 10 seconds of listening.

Discover Solfeggio Frequencies 
healing music playlists tuned perfectly to your brain.

Get the positive energy you deserve.

Negative energy can impact your body & mind in ways that carry over into your daily life. Sleep well, wake up fully refreshed and start your day the right way with Healing Miracle Frequencies tuned playlists.

Heal yourself with
Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies are a set of musical tones that promote relaxation, reduce stress and enhance overall well-being. Reclaim your inner peace with the benefits of Healing Miracle Frequencies tuned music, perfectly tuned for your brain.


Meditation Soundscapes

Dive into deep sound meditation, relax your body and mind


Abundance Energy

Attract abundance & success into your life


Divine Ambient Music

Find your serenity and relax in midst of a busy day


Attract Love

Awaken your love energy


Healing Solfeggio Frequency

Enhance intuition and clarity


Divine Music

Heal your soul

Join millions who enjoy peace with
Healing Miracle Frequencies


Happy listeners

Become part of the growing community of therapists, meditation practitioners and more.


Minutes spent in self-love

Every year, hundreds of millions of minutes are spent in listening to Healing Miracle Frequencies music.


Unique tracks

Get unlimited access to Healing Miracle Frequencies library of healing & wellness tracks.

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